Discovering Brandy at Southern Sun Waterfront

As part of our Urban Brandy Cocktail Route discovery, we were invited to spend a night at Southern Sun Waterfront - while also trying our hand at a few of their signature brandy cocktails.

 I've only stayed at a Southern Sun Hotel once - and that was in Sandton while I was a contestant on Masterchef SA. Arriving at Southern Sun Waterfront, I realised just how big it was - and by far the most 'traditional' hotel we've stayed in. With 537 rooms - and well over 1000 people when full - my first thought was 'I wonder how many eggs they go through at breakfast'. Once a food blogger, always a food blogger, right?

Regardless of their size, they still manage to make guests feel special - with juice and a sweets bar to enjoy before you check in (we walked away with hands full of Smarties and Jelly Babies) and a very friendly receptionist, we started our visit happy.

We stayed in an Executive Room on the 9th floor. With fantastic views, a small lounge area and desk - we couldn't have asked for more - although the lovely gesture of a bottle of wine and plate of sweet treats was definitely an added bonus. The room is simply decorated and surprisingly quiet, considering its location. 

Surprise highlights? 
The high-pressure shower head with massage setting.
The easily accessible USB port for the TV.
The generous selection of channels (including BBC Lifestyle).

After a little time spent relaxing in our room (ie opening the wine and eating all the treats on the bed), we headed downstairs to the Yizani Bar to meet Des, who would be showing us how to make a few brandy cocktails.

To start, we each chose one we wanted to drink - we settled on the 'Collisons Cosmo'. While I am quite familiar with Cosmopolitans (hello, high school), this was Luke's first introduction to the pink drink. Using Collisons White Brandy, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and lime, it was fruity, not-too-sweet and a good start to our cocktail adventure. Thankfully, our expert barman Des, made this one for us.

Collisons Cosmo
37.5ml brandy
12.5ml triple sec
75ml cranberry juice
12.5ml fresh lime juice

While we sipped, we then each got to choose a cocktail we'd like to make - I settled on my favourite Ama-Lekkerlicious, while Luke chose the 'Central Park'. While the cocktails are a little fancy (and quite delicious) they've added a playful touch - with the addition of sour sweets and clever drink finishes - Luke received a baby apple and cinnamon stick with his 'Central Park'.

In my cocktail-making adventure, I realised I would either make a very good, or very bad barlady - my measurements are way off. One tot easily becomes two, in my very incapable hands.

Luke played pro-barman with his 'Central Park' - using homemade cinnamon syrup, I had a rather large sip - it tastes like autumn. Definitely one we'll be making at home:

Central Park
50ml Fish Eagle brandy
25 ml Cinnamon syrup
25ml Lemon Juice
2 dashes Bitters
50ml cloudy apple juice
75ml Ginger Beer

One glass of wine and three cocktails later - before dinner - we were ready to sit down with a glass of water. However, Des insisted that we try their signature Strawberry Daiquiri. I hesitated, but Luke's education of pink drinks had to continue. Des made us a perfect daiquiri - slushy, but still drinkable with a straw, we shared it outside the pool...feeling a little wobbly on our feet.

Cape Strawberry Daiquiri
Collisons Brandy
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Juice
Lemon Juice
Sugar syrup
Fresh strawberries

We headed on to a much-needed dinner at their restaurant, before heading happily to bed. After a quick breakfast (an accomplishment, considering the selection on offer), we headed home - with a new-found love for brandy cocktails.

Thank you to Southern Sun Waterfront for hosting us. All images and views are my own. Images taken with a Canon EOS 600D from


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