I Have No Idea What to Eat

I tried to think of a catchier title, but I then started to move away from what I actually wanted to say - out with it, I simply have no idea what to eat. I have never been as conflicted about what to put in my mouth, as I am now - and this comes after at least 24 years of conscious eating.

This blog is a real-time journal of what I'm eating - you could follow my time on Atkins, my experience on the Cape Town Vegan Challenge - and now, whatever I'm trying to do.

I want to be healthy. Well, I do, but very much connected to this - I want to lose weight. I'm tired of being fat. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to combine Atkins / LCHF / Banting into one category (I know they are not identical, but they are very, very similar) - I experienced the greatest, most successful weight-loss on this eating plan - but struggled with the amount of meat - both in actually eating it and the ethical implications. I understand that LCHF is not high protein, but you are effectively having meat with every meal.

Subsequently, this made the change to eating vegan a little easier for us - I really enjoyed it, but then struggled with carbs and grains (quinoa and couscous included) - as a meal of only vegetables is quite one-dimensional (an aside, I know it is possible to be both vegetarian and follow the LCHF way of eating, but it's not for me).

At the moment, I'm heavily tempted to jump on the bandwagon and follow LCHF / Banting - I've seen several success stories on Twitter and Facebook - with people losing over 20kg since January. I've read the reports and studies - it makes sense to me. BUT, it would then mean giving up the Fry's Vegetarian Food we've come to love.

So, here it is - an official cry for help. I want you to comment - tell me what you think, where you think I'm wrong, what you eat - I want all the feedback. Help me figure this out.


  1. I have been reading along with everyone's success and failure stories. Including my own. What I have noticed is that the ones that really succeed don't follow a "diet". Instead they make a lifestyle change. Making a choice and sticking with it.

    For us that choice was cutting out gluten carbs, with minimal intake of other grains (rice etc). We try and eat everything in the purest form it can be, with little or no processed items. Also very little sugar - no carbinated drinks, no actual sugar in anything and all the other sweet things.

    We made it a lifestyle choice that we have stuck to since the beginning of the year with great results. I am the thinnest I have ever been. Like ever. My body feels like it's finally found it's groove, we don't get as sick and I just generally feel better.

    That said, we occasionally indulge, because really, what is life without a bit of an indulgence.

    I don't know if that helps at all, but there you go :)

  2. If you get the answers, please share! I have joined A New Weigh's Fat2Fit challenge... watch this space. Hopefully I'll be taking up a little less than I am now ;)

  3. I don't have the answers either but I like Alfinos outlook - change your lifestyle, don't follow a diet. I'm wary of these trendy diets where you cut out food.
    And A New Weigh has a great outlook on eating healthy. Maybe contact her and see how she can help?

  4. This is the future of Vidhigra. Some suggestion is one element that still remains constant in a changing world.



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