Warmies Thermal Slippers | Review

A while ago, Loot sent me a pair of Warmies Thermal Slippers to try out - I'm not sure if they could just sense I have permanently cold feet, or if they've been chatting to my husband. Either way, I was happy.

Imagine those beanbags everyone uses for stiff muscles and sore shoulders - but, transformed into slippers. Filled with English millet seed and French lavender, you simply heat them in the microwave for 60-90 seconds, plop them on your feet and start warming from the bottom up.

With most of the heat on the top part of the slipper, they are best suited to stationary activities - think watching movies on the couch, or after a bath, straight into bed. I've also used them after a jog to help relieve slightly achy feet.

While they might enjoy some time in the cupboard when the warmer weather eventually settles in, at least I know that cold feet are a thing of the past. Bliss.

Note : Slippers were provided by Loot.co.za . All images and views are my own.



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