Strawberry Mascarpone Tartlets

This past weekend I spent some time in the kitchen. Something that could so easily be taken for granted - but hasn't happened much recently. We've been away, eating, feasting and exploring - but this weekend we had no plans. Gloriously. I always bookmark recipes for occasions just like this - when I have time to spare, and a hankering for something delicious.

Enter this recipe - so simple and summery - it was perfect. A tart filling made only of mascarpone, sugar and strawberries, I thought there was a mistake- perhaps missing eggs? But, it baked beautifully. Sweet and tangy tartlets, topped with extra fresh berries and a little lightly whipped cream, it's the perfect treat for a sunshiney day.

A note - which I learned the hard way - don't overfill the pastry cases. The mascarpone bubbles and expands as it cooks - it will cook over. Be sparing with the filling. You have been warmed.

Adapted from Delectable : Food from Rural France to Urban Cape
Makes 4

250g mascarpone
125g caster sugar
vanilla extract or paste
200g strawberries, quartered and stalks removed

1 roll of puff pastry, thawed

to serve:
100g fresh strawberries, quartered
whipped cream

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Beat the mascarpone with the caster sugar and vanilla, until well-mixed. Cut the puff pastry just larger than your tart tins, and line - press into the tins, covering the base and sides. Trim off the excess. Place roughly two tablespoons of the mascarpone mixture in each tart tin - or roughly filling it half way. Scatter with strawberries and bake for approximately 20 minutes - or until the pastry has browned. Do not overfill the pastry cases with mascarpone - it will cook over.

Serve cold or at room temperature, topped with extra strawberries and fresh cream.

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