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When I started blogging, over three years ago, I could not have imagined the wonderful opportunities it would bring - I've met and worked with some phenomenal people, seen some of the most beautiful places our country has on offer and eaten food that still brings a smile to my face, years later.

It's been a fantastic journey - and while most of the experiences have been lovely, there are a few tough moments that need to be negotiated where ethics and objectivity are more on your mind than camera angle and plating- it's not all wine and canapes.

We are lucky to receive invitations to review hotels and guesthouses - which allows us to share the best and most beautiful with you. Now, it's your turn.

I'm inviting you to be a 'blogger for a weekend' - I'd like you to visit Alluvia's Guesthouses for two nights. Explore the wine farm, take in your surroundings and accommodation - and then, tell me what you think. We need honest, objective feedback. To make the task a little easier, they're also giving you a breakfast picnic and bottle of wine to get your writing flowing.

To enter: 
Comment below, motivating why you'd like to win. Please include your email address.
Tweet this : It's not all wine and canapes - I want to stay at @AlluviaWines and review it for @GorgeousBlog : enter here
Comment on my Facebook page, saying why you'd like to win.

Terms and conditions:
Alluvia is situated in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Transport to and from the wine estate and meals (excluding breakfast) are not included. The prize is for two people for two nights.

Winner announced on Thursday 17 April 2014.


  1. Would absolutely love to win! Could always do with a weekend away and am relatively new to this whole blogging thing, so could do with some practice for my winelands/wine tasting blog -

  2. I'm already swooning at this prize and visualising myself at the venue feasting and enjoying the ambience that comes with the comfort of airomatic pungance.

    Just salivating at the thought of that awesome gastronomic experience.

    Oh! and the beautiful landscape. The ultimate in picturesque al fresco dining!
    And yes! of course! The bragging rights it will afford me! LOL!

  3. As you know, I have worked closely with some of SA's top hotels and my love for the hospitality industry has just grown from there. I very recently started a little lifestyle blog but it's not nearly as amazing as your blog.

    My husband and I are obsessed with wine and trying out new places, it has become a little hobby of ours. We would absolutely love to spend two nights at Alluvia and it would be such an amazing treat for us. My email address is

  4. Done a bit of digging into Alluvia and immediately fell in love. Yeah I'd love the chance to blog about this and give my husband a chance to spend a weekend through his camera lens, but I'd also really and truly just love a weekend away with him. Just us, in a beautiful place.

  5. Hello A Gorgeous Life

    Thank you for an awesome blog, I LOVE reading your reviews and the competitions are always awesome.

    I would love this opportunity to blog for a weekend. I've always wanted to blog and I think this will be a great way to start.

    Please make my dream come true. Email:

  6. Do you have to not be a blogger to qualify? Because, um, I already blog, but a weekend away with my man is too much to resist.

  7. would really not mind winning this... we seriously need some "holiday" time... like seriously! also I can't get onto my Twitter account...

  8. Hi there,

    I would to love to visit Alluvia's guesthouse for a weekend to blog about it. For me blogging has always been just about wine and canapes - I'd like to push my boundaries and further explore my love of blogging. I think the wine, picnic basket and beautiful setting will definitely get my fingers racing across the key pad!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share in some of the wonderful blogging you do!


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  10. Wine lover check? Wordsmith check? Why not combine the two, in vino veritas they say and this seems like the perfect opportunity to put it to the test.. My current lady friend is has not been enlightened yet to the wonders of wine appreciation so this would be so educational and would maybe move me out of the friend zone lol.. Thanks

  11. I'd like to give the review a unique point of view - something fresh and illuminatingly honest, something to pique the mind and the senses - to make people feel like they're there themselves...

  12. weekends away is something so many of us, dont get to do, me especially. the rat race is sorta clouding everything, and thats not right. We live in a beautiful part of the world, and its so accessible, and its about time that changes. I would love to wax lyrical about a weekend away in Stellies, in a relaxed state; in a Western Cape state of mind.

  13. oops my email addy is

  14. I'd love to win the week-end away and feel what a real blogger feels like ;-) or more like I need a week-end away! Food, wine and reviewing about it is what I love… but I give honest opinions, very honest :-) and I'm sure Alluvia will just be stunning!

  15. Hahaha I was just about to start my blog for one when I happened upon your blog. I would love to have a weekend away with the purpose of speaking (writing) my mind. It will be awesome to be an actual blogger if only for a day. :)

  16. Why I want to win? Simple. I want to allow net denizens to read my awesome writing :P I travelled through China writing about my experiences and have yet to do that at a high-end estate in my own country. I'd also enjoy showing my closest friend my writing process; generally involving wine, excellent food and a backdrop that would have Bacchus himself trade places. Let's see what happens!

  17. Well lets say I have been journeying along with you for more than a year , blogging my heart out as mainly a beauty blogger and sharing the few chances I get to splurge. I have yet to make it in the 'lifestyle' sector and am being ever faithful ate trying it would be awesome to get this opportunity which I could never afford otherwise.
    I love writing , food , wine and most of all the Cape could I not want to share and write my heart out :), I do hope I stand a chance.
    x x x Heather

  18. I would love to be the “blogger for the weekend” and visit Alluvia's Guesthouses for two nights to explore the wine farm. My boyfriend and I truly love travelling. Our love story has been written over time with beautiful, beautiful chapters filled with amazing memories and treasures of special times together built on the foundation of love, respect and trust. It would be a blessing to be given an opportunity to find ourselves in Stellenbosch and write about this adventure and share the wonders through still images of magical moments frozen in time using our camera lens. We would love to share with the world, a weekend of our lives, exploring and discovering a treasure of our country, one of the most beautiful places our country has to offer. I have heard and read a great deal about Alluvia Guesthouses and secretly longed for the chance when we would get ourselves over to visiting.
    Alluvia is a sanctuary among the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You truly fall in love just gazing over the lovely photos. I'd also really and truly just love a weekend away with my man. Just us, in a beautiful place, making special memories and lots of wine and canapés and sweet kisses.
    We have been building our collage of awesome memories of incredible places we have visited filled with wonder and thrills. Winning a stay the two night stay at Alluvia and it would be such an amazing treat for us to add to our portfolio. My email address is
    It's been a fantastic journey with my man thus far. I would want to share this amazing adventure with nobody else but him. Oh to lie in his arms in the shade of a tree, enjoying a breakfast picnic and bottle of wine.



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