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After hearing about this kitchen revolution for a few months, I was lucky enough to win four day's worth of meals and try it out for myself. Daily Dish delivers weekly ingredients for dinner (on a Monday, for Monday - Thursday). All perfectly measured and deliciously fresh - along with the recipes - ensuring that dinner is sorted. There are three menus to choose from - Classic, Vegetarian and Low Carb - we chose Low Carb.

You are able to see what the meals for the week ahead will be - the four dishes can be cooked in any particular order. Our menu for the week consisted of:
Cajun chicken breasts with tomato, avocado and red onion salsa

When our box of ingredients arrived on Monday, Luke's first comment was "we're going to be eating well this week". The ingredients were fresh, perfectly sealed and measured - and relatively quick to prepare. I'd say the frittata took the longest to cook, but they were generally all around 30 minutes to prepare. We were greedy and ordered meals for four people - which meant we had lunch (leftovers) and dinner sorted for each day.

While I love cooking, I tend to 'cook for joy' on the weekends - during the week it is mostly a matter of eating because we have to. Daily Dish was fun, as they were mostly dishes I would never have made - especially the tuna frittata, which actually ended up being the dish I would make again the quickest.

A tip - while all ingredients are packaged and measured - for example, if two dishes for the week require tomatoes, all the tomatoes are packaged together. Be sure to read the quantities for the first recipe because you may end up like me - using it all for the first recipe, and having nothing left for the other (that's why we had no tomato for the salad with the frittatas and no coriander for the beef broth). I'm surprisingly bad at reading recipes.

I cannot recommend this service highly enough - yes, it's not cheap - it's not something I could do throughout the month (it starts at R540 for two people for a week, and goes to R885 for four people for a week) - but, if you know you have a tough week ahead and still want to eat well, it's a lifesaver.

There is such attention to detail - from two tablespoons of red wine vinegar, measured and sealed, to one teaspoon of dried dill - it makes cooking 'fun' again. Even if you love being in the kitchen, Daily Dish will also introduce you to dishes that you might not have naturally chosen or tried - allowing you to change it up a little too. I love them, and will be using their services as much as my budget will allow.

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