I love how the universe is conspiring to get us healthier. To help balance out the food and wine invitations, I was thrilled to receive an invitation to visit the new SWEAT 1000 club in Claremont.

Here is the official blurb:

SWEAT 1000 has exploded onto the fitness scene across South Africa since it launched in 2010. 

The SWEAT 1000 Claremont studio launched on Monday 4th August. SWEAT 1000 stands for Specialized Weight Endurance and Aerobic Training and 1000 for the number of calories that you can burn in the class. 

This revolutionary hour long workout is a combination of interval style training incorporating 
specialised treadmills which incline to 30 degrees as your basis, blended with core, functional and resistance floor work plus high intensity, creative and dynamic concepts. Exercising at inclines of 18 degrees or more burns 3 times more calories from fat. Workouts include everything from resistance bands, suspension training and Bosu to boxing which are all combined with dynamic work on our unique incline trainers. This insures that you become a fat burning machine. 

When I confirmed we'd be attending, the first question I asked was 'will I die'. I've seen people who go to these clubs. I know what they look like - I'm also very aware of my fitness levels. I was assured that there are three levels for the class - and I could simply choose the beginner level.

We arrived at a truly beautiful venue - with a long wooden dining room table in the entrance, with a juice and coffee bar at one end, and the fitness studio at the other. The changerooms are equally as beautiful - featuring wood and Hollywood-style mirrors. Enough about the decor - we're here to sweat. I was on my way to becoming a fat-burning machine.

The class was smaller than I expected - no more than 20 people, I'd imagine. Half stared on treadmills, with the other half on mats, with weights. Approximately every 10 minutes, we would switch between the treadmills and the floor - the treadmill focusing on inclines and speed (between jogging, power-walking and sprinting). Ironically, I yearned for the treadmill sessions - because the floor work was torture. Plank, reverse lunges, weighted squats, burpees - you name it, you did it.

We made it through the class - but, more than that - I loved it. With music pumping, disco lights going and a mirror to keep you motivated - it was the best fitness vibe I've ever experienced - and now, you can too.

Together with the Claremont SWEAT 1000, I'm giving away a bundle worth over R2000 - including 10 SWEAT 1000 classes and a hamper from SWEAT 1000 Claremont.

To enter, simply follow me on Twitter and tweet:
I want to get gorgeous with  and  : enter here  http://bit.ly/1nL9qYJ   

That simple. 

Winner announced on Twitter on 29 August  - a great start to your spring! Please note, this is for the Claremont branch, in Cape Town.


  1. Fingers crossed! :) I desperately need this! :) Twitter handle: @KelleyRainchild

  2. Me me meeeeee, PRETTY please!?!?!?! X x x x x

  3. I would love to win this! Sweat 1000 looks like so much fun! :)

  4. Been eyeing out Sweat1000 for a while, with the only thing on my mind being "but will I die?", Your post made me feel it's possible!



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