Beetroot, Cucumber and Apple Juice

With only a few days left of the Cape Town Vegan Challenge, I wanted to share one of my healthiest discoveries during this time - the joy of juice. We have a juicer at home - not a particularly fancy one - and this has encouraged us to play around with juice combinations.

And, by 'juice', I mean vegetables and fruit - not the sugar-laden bottles you are likely to find in the supermarket. This is one of our favourite combinations so far - and helps us feel particularly righteous after a Sunday morning jog.

We try for 70% vegetables and 30% fruit in any juice - I've included thoughts on our favourites below:

Yields a lot of juice and adds a sweet, mild flavour.

Not as strong in flavour as you may think, one of the healthiest ingredients to use - doesn't yield a lot of juice for the volume used.

Sweet and earthy, yielding a moderate amount of juice.

A very distinctive, fresh flavour - one you'll either love or hate. Adjust the quantity until you find your perfect fit.

Quite mild in flavour, you can easily add two carrots to a glass of juice - easiest way to 'eat' them.

The easiest option for adding sweetness to your juice, without an overpowering flavour. Gives a lot of juice per fruit.

Quite strong in flavour and very juicy. Works very well with beetroot.

Pears and pineapples
I've paired these up (Couldn't help myself) as they are both quite fibrous - and can give your juicer a few hassles - also when it comes to cleaning afterwards. But, they are both deliciously sweet fruit options to add to your juice.

Along with fruit and vegetables, a new addition to our juice routine is coconut water. Introduced to the concept by Wellness Warehouse - it adds a sweetness and earthiness to any juice (you can read about the benefits of coconut water here) - and this is my favourite way to drink it. If you want a few more ideas to inspire you, head on over here.

This is what we used to make just over 1L of juice - two very generous 500ml glasses:

2 small beetroot
1/2 cucumber
4 apples
2 stalks celery
4 carrots
2 oranges

Thanks to Wellness Warehouse for helping us be healthier - and making the challenge easier.


  1. So glad I found this article. I have been wanting to make my own juices, so this is great!



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