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As the Cape Town Vegan Challenge draws to a close (four days left), we are re-examining our eating habits and how we would like to move forward. The combination of an awful dream (of me putting a pet in the oven) and a well-placed TED video has given me a little clarity.

While the Cape Town Vegan Challenge hasn't been nearly as difficult as I'd anticipated - with the biggest challenge still being finding a milk for my coffee - I'm not sure whether it's something I can commit to 100% at this stage. I've also found giving things names - while useful - is also quite restricting. I'm not vegan. I'm not vegetarian. But, I do want to be more conscious and mindful of what I'm eating - often chicken or mince is just something thrown in the pan for dinner because it is convenient - with no thought given to what you are actually eating.

If you would prefer to read the transcript - click here.

The Cape Town Vegan Challenge has shown us how 'easy' a vegetarian lifestyle would be - the addition of milk, cheese, butter, cream, eggs and yoghurt seems like a world of possibility. But, sometimes, I think I'd still like to eat a burger. Or calamari - but then, appreciate it. Not simply eat it because it's easy. During the challenge, Fry's have made dinner very easy - with sausages and nuggets - we see no need to eat meat during the week.

Enter, the 'weekday vegetarian'. Also called 'flexitarian', you can read what the New York Times has to say about it here. The plan is to stick to a vegetarian diet during the week, then, if we feel like something meaty on the weekends - to make an occasion of it. To buy proper, grass-fed beef. Pay attention to it, appreciate it. That's our plan.

Helped along by Wellness Warehouse, our eyes have been opened to a world of coconut water, pumpkin seeds and spirulina powder. I want to be a better, healthier and more conscious eater - these three weeks of vegan eating have been packed with learning - and I don't want it to stop here.

If it's something you'd also like to try, there are a few tips here.


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