A Visit to Oranjezicht City Farm

We're smack, bang in the middle of our healthy adventure. You can read more about how / why it started here - it also coincided rather brilliantly with the Cape Town Vegan Challenge (you can read more about that here - with a recipe here and here).

We're focusing more on what we're putting in our bodies - what it is, where it came from and what effect it has on us. What better place to explore this than the Oranjezicht City Farm?

Set in a beautiful little corner of Cape Town, this is a working farm celebrating urban agriculture - with a rather delicious market every Saturday morning. 

Off we headed, on a grey and drizzly Saturday morning - the market goes ahead rain or shine, in a free-form tent (with free wi-fi). We were greeted by the Sexy Food stand - while we didn't indulge in one of their famous bunless Sexy burgers, we had a swig of buchu water - distilled at a low temperature and infused with Paarl spring water - it's about as healthy as you can get in a bottle. A strong, herbal minty taste takes a little getting used to - you can taste the goodness. You can find Sexy Food at Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street.

There is also an abundance of living herbs to take home - if we had space in our planter (read how to start yours here) - we would have bought a bucket load. The market is simply beautiful. Gorgeous proteas, fresh vegetables - from Jerusalem artichokes to pak choi - I advise drawing a set amount of cash to limit yourself. It could turn out to be a very expensive venture when you're oohing and aahing over every pretty vegetable and artisan cheese.

Not everything is as healthy as mushrooms and pak choi. Red velvet cupcakes, French crepes, samoosas and mini-cupcakes - there is also a very decadent side to the market - including vegan carrot cake, and other delights.

We went home with a loaf of spectacular sourdough from Woodstock Bakery, smoked olive tapenade, and a wedge of authentic Gorgonzola. Lunch was sorted, then.

We happily wondered, protected from the drizzle - the first circuit was spent scouting out potential produce, with the second round spend actually buying. There are few things lovelier than heading home with a beautiful loaf of sourdough tucked under your arm - crinkling in its brown paper packet.

We also happily bumped into the team behind the Cape Town Vegan Challenge - who offered advice to interested passers by and encouraged the vegetable lovers (and even, vegetable haters) to sign up. A happy, healthy morning all round. We didn't buy eggs (this was two days before the challenge started - we knew we wouldn't be able to finish them in time) but the eggs from Happy Hens definitely tempted us. Maybe next time.

It's a lovely, intimate market. Not overly crowded, it provides shelter from the elements and benches and tables for those who can't wait to enjoy their produce at home. There is a great selection available - from cheese, cream and eggs to fresh bread and baked goods, farm vegetables and free range meat and biltong. If you'd like to eat at the market, there are also burgers, samoosas and French crepes. A great morning out.


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