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 We live in a flat. Happily. It's our first home together, and it's perfect for us at the moment. Yes, I would love a garden, but in the meantime we grow herbs and plants and trees on our balcony and windowsill. Until recently, there's been no problem living in a flat. That was, until I received the challenge for Freshly Blogged, which required me to cook over open coals.

We are allowed to braai on our balcony, but are really not very keen at having to keep bags of charcoal, dirty braai grids and a small braai somewhere in our flat or balcony : and that's where Ignite Disposable Braais saved the day.

I remember briefly seeing the concept of a disposable braai, but didn't pay particular attention at the time (being the middle of winter). The hunt was on to find one this past weekend, and thanks to a helping hand from Twitter, managed to track one down at Pick n Pay Constantia.

These disposable braais are made by Ignite Products, and simply put - are amazing. The package comes with everything you need - charcoal, a grid, and even a little stand to raise the braai off the floor. All you need is one match to light it and you're done. I thought, surely it can't be that simple -there's no way one match can light an entire tray of charcoal and stay lit. But it did. Wonderfully. We happily braaied our kebabs and constantly marveled at how brilliant this was. We will be stocking up on a few boxes to keep in the cupboard (because you can do that with disposable braais - no mess, no bulk!) for the warmer months ahead.

You can buy in bulk (packs of 10) from Ignite directly, alternately selected Spars and Pick n Pay also have them available.


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