Hello, Atkins (An honest post on being fat)

Yes. I tried to think of a catchy title, but the only other option I could find was "Fatty Food Blogger". Not quite delightful. As you have probably gathered from these all-but-two sentences, I'm officially joining Atkins. You may also have gathered that I am fat.

I've tried to hide it over the years. With words like 'chubby' as a child, moving on to 'curvy' and 'overweight' as a women. Recently, having a food blog has made it even easier to hide. Fat? No, food is my hobby, darling - it's an occupational hazard.

Naturally, lies, all of them. Yes, I eat our more than most people and I am always tempted to create something delicious in the kitchen. But that's not how I got to be 20kg overweight. With a family history of diabetes, I've not only become unhealthy, but irresponsible.

Having reached the long-overdue stage where I refuse to live like this, I've enlisted the help of Atkins. Effectively low carb and lots of the good stuff, it's eating that makes sense and is simply good for you. I'm committing to 12 weeks. I don't know how much of the 20kg I'm going to lose during that time, but my only aim at this stage is to be close to my goal weight than I am now.

There will be events within those 12 weeks. Weekends away, dinners and restaurant reviews will still happen. The plan is that these 12 weeks aren't seen as a diet, but time to establish a healthy way of eating that becomes normal. 

How does this effect you? I'll share a weekly post on my progress for the week, a recipe to help inspire you and any tips or tricks I've learned along the way. 

I'm excited. I've been heavy for as long as I can remember - I can't imagine what I'll look like without my extra layer, or what life will be like. Hopefully in 12 weeks I won't have to imagine as much.

This post is sponsored by Atkins SA.


  1. Good luck! I'm curious though, what made you choose The Atkins Diet?

  2. Good luck Candice! Hope it's going well so far? I tried your Atkins omelet on Saturday, was totally scrumptious!



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