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 Let's start this post off with honesty. I'm not nice to my hair. I'm just not one of those people. I do box dye at home, use supermarket shampoo, have been every colour from blonde to black - including recently DIY ombre. With bleach.

It's been a fun journey - I love changing the colour of my hair and am often bored. However, recently, the years of messing with my hair started to show in a very bad, very obvious way. Split ends, dry, crackly hair - it was getting more than a little embarrassing. It was time for me to grow up, cut off the past and commit to taking better care of my hair. Hello, Spoilt Salon.

  Situated on Green Point Main Road, Spoilt Salon have been around for around 8 years - helping everyone from the young-and-trendy, to the 60+ crowd in search of the perfect coiff.

They graciously allowed me to come to them on a busy Saturday morning. With comfortable arm chairs and magazines down the centre of the salon, a beauty section towards the back and 'hair stations' on either side, it's a hive of beautiful activity.

I was seen to my the manager, Neville. After being brutally honest with him about what I do to my hair, it was off to the basins with me. A wash and treatment later, I was back in his hands for the Great Cut to begin.

Another little snippet of honesty - I didn't want to cut my hair. It had simply reached the stage where I had no other option. In an ideal world, my hair would be healthy and long and gorgeous. But, 'tis not.

After snipping off all the dead debris from my head, it was time for the blow-dry- or 'great reveal'. A few more flicks from the GHD and I was done. And you know what? I like it.

What was originally a way to restore some semblance of heath and vitality to my head,  turned into a hair cut I actually liked - which was rather unexpected.

Not only did I walk away with healthier hair and a cut I liked, I was kept constantly occupied with lemon water and magazines - although they were busy, I still felt special. You can see their price list here - please make sure you book.

Note : I enjoyed my visit as a guest of Spoilt Salon. All images and views are my own.


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