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As you may have read, we were treated to a stay at Protea Hotel Fire and Ice Cape Town. While the hotel itself was lovely - a perfect, funky oasis in the middle of town - the food was down right fantastic.

There wasn't much choice in our minds on what to have for supper - known for their famous burgers and milkshakes, the decision was mostly made for us. Or so you would think. The menu is extensive. From burgers to traditional African, linefish to curries - there is a ridiculous amount to choose from. Firmly sticking to our decision to have burgers, there are still choice to be made - between the 'ready made' options, to build-your-own with toppings and sauces, it's a  mountain to conquer.

Luke had 'jaws' - the 350g burger topped with cheese and relish, while, I 'built my own' - a 150g beef patty, topped with fig, blue cheese and biltong - and a mushroom sauce.

Cooked to your specifications - medium, on this occasion - the burgers arrived promptly. Generous, juicy, packed with flavour and served with a tower of crispy, skinny fries, these dived deep into the realm of 'burger perfection'. Best burger I've ever had, hands down. There's really not much more to say about them - book a table, go eat.

As much as I tried, I (sadly) couldn't indulge in both dessert and a milkshake - naturally, the milkshake won. I went for Turkish Delight and Luke for Banoffee. They both arrived in glasses the size of our heads. Apparently there is a less-enormous option - if only we'd known. We waddled back up to our rooms and enjoyed our shakes in bed - as you do - falling asleep with them not-quite-finished next to us.

We woke the next morning, from our milkshake induced corner, realising it was time for breakfast. Hopping downstairs, we were greeted with a colourful buffet selection and started our day. From pastries (including an actual, three-layered cake) to sausages, pickled fish and chicken - there was a treat for every palate.

A lovely day feasting (and sleeping) in an urban oasis, I could not have asked for more. We will soon be back to try another burger-milkshake combination. Reservation, please.

Note : We enjoyed our stay as guests of Protea Hotel Fire and Ice Cape Town.


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