Hello, Minnetonka South Africa

I'm a pump girl. Give me something flat, pretty and comfortable to put on my feet and I'll be happy. I first discovered Minnetonka through an online store sale - advertising the gorgeous leopard print moccasins. I just missed out on buying them (they flew off the proverbial online shelf), and then promptly became obsessed with tracking them down.

With a little help from Twitter, I discovered that you can buy Minnetonka Moccasins online in South Africa. Let's be honest - online shopping is pretty darn wonderful. Whenever an online purchase arrives, it feels like a present. It has the power to make you forget that you actually paid for it. Magic, I tell you.

Their shoes are hand-crafted (keep that in mind every time you look at a stitch) and have been since 1946. Made from deerskin and moose hide, these are more than simply the-most-comfortable-shoes-you-will-ever-put-on-your-feet : they are works of premium craftmanship. Do I sound gushy?

I have the Kilty Moccasins in Taupe. The perfect colour to match absolutely everything in my wardrobe - although I admit I also have my eye on these and these .

   I've focused on the shoes - they look better than I do. If you'd like to see them on people - everyone from Kate Moss to Sienna Miller wears them. They are much more comfortable in front of a camera than I am.

However, if you see me wandering around Cape Town - doing my grocery shopping or a restaurant review - have a peek at what I'm wearing on my feet.

                                         Here's a peek into the Minnetonka story:

Note : I received a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins to review. All images and views are my own.


  1. I have the CALF HIGH 2-LAYER FRINGE BOOT and I just love my pair too ;) I would also like to get a pair of the Kilty Moccasins like yours...maybe in the not to distant furture!



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