15 on Orange | An Evening of Luxury

Knowing how much we adore 15 on Orange, any excuse to return is a good one. We were invited to attend a 'night of luxury' at the hotel, to showcase their meeting places and spaces. We naturally had high expectations, but even these were exceeded.

 The food was always going to be a highlight - the best of their Sunday lunch was served, canape style, along with free flowing bubbly, keeping to the theme.

 Great food?

But what wasn't? Let's start with the outdoor grill on the balcony, offering grilled prawns and fillet rolls. Or the craft beer stand. Or the marimba band. 15 on Orange definitely pulled out all the stops for this one.

Returning inside, there was a traveling cartoonist offering caricatures of all guests, a card magician, angels on stilts, burlesque dancers and acrobats. Just an average Thursday, really.

After our stay at the hotel, I didn't think they were able to further impress me - but flip, they really gave this night everything they had - proving without a doubt that they can handle any function thrown at them. Keep that in mind.

Note : all images and opinions are my own. I was not remunerated for this post.


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