Book giveaway for the fans - one a week, for six weeks

This blog has been around for just over a week now - I'm still ridiculously excited about it, and it seems you are too - thank you again for all your support so far.

All the excitement aside, a change in blog name has consequences - not least of all, Facebook and their silly name-change-page rules.This means I've had to start from scratch - sad but necessary.

To help with the move, here's a little incentive - every week for the next six weeks, I'll be giving away one of these books to a random, lucky Facebook fan. That's it. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page every Friday.

Head on over to the new page, click 'like' and you're entered. If you want to earn serious brownie points (perhaps even real brownies, if you're lucky) you can comment on the wall and let me know what you'd like to see more of on the blog.

Clickety click.


  1. Such a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! Thank you for being so kind to your blog readers and spreading the love by hosting this giveaway! I have liked your new Facebook Page and shared it on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! I would really love to see more vegetarian recipes on your blog, as I have recently decided to change my eating lifestyle for my health :) Fingers crossed! xxx

  2. I have liked your page. I'm a book addict so I'm seriously hoping to be one of the winners. Great competition and great blog!

  3. Fab giveaway and a fab blog :) just looking at the food pictures making me so hungry

  4. Liked the FB page, would like to see more pork recipes please

  5. Love this comp and congrats I know you new site will fly :)
    x h

  6. Awesome giveaway!! I would LOVE to win the "Smitten" recipe by Sarah Graham cos I just think she is AH.MAZING!! Love the new look...the name just says it all! Looking (very much) forward to your Home/Decor posts!! XX

  7. rehana seedat email: I have liked the new facebook page. would love to see some Gluten free recipes

  8. Liked the new fb page....would love Bitten because I have read so much about Sarah Graham....perhaps more veggie recipes:)

  9. I meant "Bitten" not "Smitten" confuzzed with her new book!! Hoping so bad!! XX



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