Bistro Sixteen82 : The Best Burger in Cape Town

 Last Friday the lovely man and I celebrated our 20 month anniversary. I'd been talking about trying a Steenburger for the past few months, but they aren't very easy to come by - served at Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg Wine Estate, only 10 burgers are made every week, and they're only available on a Friday. Due to a fortunate set of circumstances, I found myself not at work one Friday, and the lovely man surprised me with this lunch booking.

We'd been to the estate once before for a wine tasting, and it was rather lovely. Sitting outside on couches, with a view of cascading water features and a rolling green hill, it's a beautiful setting to enjoy a few glasses. I remember seeing the bistro next door, and making a mental note to make a return visit. However, when I read about their Steenburger, the mental note kept popping up (rather frequently) and I knew I had to visit one Friday.
 I'll get to the actual burger in a minute, but first I wanted to tell you about the smaller details that caught my eye and made me happy. Linen embroidered napkins, water with lemon and mint - the tables alone made this meal special.

 Now to the actual burger, the highlight of the day. A little background on what makes it so incredibly special : a patty of minced fillet, cooked to your specifications, on a perfectly sized bun. Smeared with a garlic aioili, thinly sliced red onion, a rosa tomato relish...and topped with a slab of pan-seared foie gras. Served with skinny truffle and parmesan fries, this is truly a burger of perfection.

When I first read about this burger, I was expecting something completey over the top. It wasn't - and this is not a bad thing at all. This burger is simply how all burgers should be - every element works together to enhance the perfectly cooked patty, and reminds you what you should be tasting when you eat a burger : the garlic aioili adds a subtle creaminess, the thingly sliced onion some tang, the tomato relish a little sweetness, and the foie gras a subtle richness, which really enhances the meatiness of the minced fillet.

When I devoured the last bite of the mega-burger, I was pleased to note that the burger patty was perfectly matched up to the edge of the bun. Another small detail that was so appreciated - how often have you had a burger, when the last mouthful is just roll?

From start to finish, this was undoubtedly a perfect burger. For R105, it's more pricey than your average burger, but considering the value you're getting for that, it's a bargain.

Note : This meal was paid for entirely by the lovely man and I, and I have not been endorsed in any way by Steenberg Estate or any other party.


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