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We were recently invited to try the new Nü Health Food Cafe in Green Point. Perfectly aligned with my little health-kick, we were exited to visit them for brunch and start our day healthy (and righteous). Situated on Green Point Main Road, next to Spoilt Hair Salon and Hudsons, it's pretty easy to find, with many parking options.

Light. bright, featuring wood, greens and yellows - with massive trays of fresh wheatgrass behind the counter, and flavoured water freely available (with strawberries and mint) it's a lovely spot to grab a smoothie or sit down for a meal.

The menu is pretty extensive and delicious - but perhaps, best of all - you know anything you order will be good for you. We both ordered smoothies - I had The Skinny (talk about friggin' wishful thinking) - a functional blend of mango, apple, cucumber, 500mg L-Carnitine, which apparently "Improves lean muscle mass, boosts cellular energy and assists in healthy fat loss and brain functioning" while Luke had the Power Sourcebanana, goji berries, chia seeds, natural vanilla whey protein, purified water. Both were fantastic - thick and tasty. Mine was originally quite 'tart' to start, but I quickly loved the taste. 

There is also a DIY smoothie option - where you start with a basic and add anything you want to it - from seeds and nuts to L-Glutamine and Organic Maca.

Food was a little tricky - there were so many tempting options (it's amazing how much more you want to eat, when you know it's all good for you). I eventually decided on the Sesame Salmon on Rye - Smoked Norwegian salmon, toasted sesame seeds, ricotta, cucumber, avo, pea shoots, lemon and olive oil dressing. It was a generous, delicious portion - perfected by a grind of salt and squeeze of lemon. I finished it quickly and greedily.

Luke ordered the Sanei wrap - greens, peppadews, avo, cucumber, green beans, basil, rosa tomatoes, cashews, pea shoots, lemon and olive oil dressing - and added chicken to it. Protein options are available to be added to any meal - from tuna to chicken and salmon. He wolfed it down and commented that it was far superior to another leading Hawaiian-inspired health food chain. Ahem.

While hunger was now far from our minds, the store manager wouldn't let us leave without trying the tiniest cup of their famous frozen yoghurt - imported from Italy low in fat and sugar, free from artificial colour and flavour. rich in calcium, if you're going to 'indulge' this is the best way to do it. We enjoyed it plain - creamy, not-too-sweet and still with that yoghurt tang, it was as wonderful as they promised. If you want to jazz yours up, there are also toppings available - honey, banana, Honest hot chocolate and coconut flakes, among the options. 

We absolutely loved our brunch there - and hope they'll soon open a branch in the 'burbs.

 Green Point is giving a reader a R250 voucher to use at the branch. To enter, comment below and tell me why you want to be a little healthier. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you've won. Winner announced Friday, 17 October.

Note - the voucher is only redeemable at the Green Point branch and is not transferrable.

We enjoyed our meal as guests of the branch. 
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  1. Healthy is the Nu black :)

    I want to be a little healthier for more energy, self confidence and a little peace of mind!

  2. I want to be a lot more healthier as I just feel better, have more energy and confidence.

  3. REHANA SEEDAT email: To Feel Young and Energetic. When we are young, it is easier to ‘get over’ little sleep, too much bad food and a few skipped days of exercise. As we get older, it gets harder for our bodies to bounce back. Having a lifestyle that is full of activity and a healthy diet keeps you moving, feeling energetic and feeling young, at every age.
    To Feel Good about myself. Taking care of ourselves allows us to have a healthy mental state just as much as a healthy physical state. Being healthy often means feeling good, both inside and out, which helps our self-confidence and self-esteem.

  4. Healthy Living
    It can be scary
    It can make you hurt
    It can make you merry

    It may seem
    Like a bitter chore
    But you don't gotta worry
    I'll take you to shore

    A healthy lifestyle
    Doesn't have to be hard
    Just practice, practice, practice
    And go for your set bars

    Ditch coffee and soda
    For water and milk
    Did you know water with lemon
    Gives you more energy than that filth?

    It kills possible
    Cancer too!
    So squeeze some lemon in that water
    I'm talkin' to you!

    Orange Juice? Ew!
    Don't waste your time
    Have an apple or an orange!
    This is no bribe

    Eat yummy fruits and veggies
    They'll fill you up
    Pour some juice from that fruit
    Into your dinner cup

    Diet is 70%
    Of this never-ending task
    But exercise is 30%
    Why didn't you ask???

    Standing for an hour
    Burns 120 calories
    So spend some time standing
    While working for your salary

    Standing with good postures
    Makes you 5 pounds smaller
    It makes you look sophisticated
    Happy, and taller!

    Prancersise is a charm
    Burns 7.6 calories in hour
    Go outside right now
    Fluttershy wants to pick flowers

    Want a tight core?
    Flex your abs
    "Zipper" your waist
    To get rid of that flab

    But healthy living don't gotta be
    About losing weight
    You can be healthy
    And not only eat food you hate! XD

    Eat your favorite stuff!
    Just have a little less
    What matters is being happy, not scruff
    And not feeling like a mess

    Stretch when you can
    Stretch right now
    Give those muscles a break
    And then go for a "POW!"

    Need a quick lunch?
    This can be quite the craft
    Get water instead of soda
    And split your burger in half

    Better with a friend!
    Go for a walk
    Split your lunch with them
    And talk, talk, talk!

    Your face needs attention
    Don't forget to smile!
    Stretch out your lovely face
    For just a little while

    Carbohydrates are essential!
    Protein is an extreme!
    Like bread and pasta
    Like almonds and meat!

    Sleep as much as you can!
    Drink water like crazy!
    Don't forget to eat!
    Work that bod, don't be lazy!

    Everyone is beautiful,
    (I am so sappy)
    But healthy living is a great thing
    For one to be happy

    Being a skinny star
    Doesn't make you pretty!
    Being kind will get you far
    Because you'll be smart and witty!

    Alcohol is a big no!
    Cigarettes are yuck!
    Drugs are overrated, so
    avoid that bluck!

    Your body is a temple,
    Wow, first time using that phrase
    So don't treat it like a pimple!
    Let it have some praise!

    I sound stupid, don't I?
    But I just wanna make you see
    I want you to have a long life
    With happiness and dignity

  5. Chanel Coetzer : I got married little over 6 months ago. The day that I removed my wedding dress I started eating...and eating and eating... annnnndddd eating!!!

    Someone asked me yesterday to show them wedding pics, and as I went through it I couldn't believe the weight I have gained.
    So I woke up this morning with new vooma in my life, cleaned out the cupboards of all the junk and this weekend I am going shopping and back to my healthy liufestyle.

    Although my husband would never say anything, I want to be back at the size he met me at.

  6. I want to be healthier because i love my body and it's important to look after it. How you treat your body in your twenties determines your health for the rest of your life. Being healthy is a lifestyle and change in consciousness.

  7. I want to be healthier for the sake of my kids - teaching them how to eat properly now so that they benefit in the future - plus I feel so much better eating proper food! (

  8. You are what you eat..."Nü Health Food Cafe" wow!!! beautiful food, beautiful location. PERFEKTO.

  9. I want to be healthier so that my quality of life can improve. doing the sleekgeek challenge at the moment and we looking for healthier dining out options so this will be a great experience

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    I've hoard so much about Nu and wanted to give it a try but we don't
    have this in my part of the world. I've also over indulged during
    winter, with comfort food and am now seeing the consequences ; ( Over
    the last 6weeks I've started to eat more healthy, done away with
    sugars, sweets and chocs. Its been difficult but doable!
    I'd love to win this as I will be in Cape Town over this weekend and
    next week and would love to give this a try. My email addy,



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