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Last week, I simply felt like something delicious for dinner - but something I didn't have to cook. I didn't want fancy food or small food - I needed something hearty and preferably a little messy. We are lucky to eat fancy food more often than most - but every so often you just need something simple.

We scouted in our area (we had no intention of driving far - such was the laziness) and settled on Hudson's Burger Joint in Claremont. Having heard good things about them, they offered the bonus of being 2km from home and free parking (sometimes it's the small things that play a part too).

With an outside area available for eating and drinking, we chose to sit inside - for fear of getting a chill. We ordered rather quickly - I ordered the Original Royale (R58 for 180g patty): a beef patty with cheddar, bacon, chilli and battered onion rings (skinny fries on the side), while Luke ordered the Rockafella (R69 for 180g) - a beef patty topped with pulled pork, cheddar cheese and a fried egg (onion rings on the side). With burger prices fairly average, they don't include sides, which have to be ordered separately. While not ridiculously expensive - R15 for either skinny fries or onion rings - you are looking at around R80 in total for a burger.

They arrived, cooked medium, and were subsequently devoured. Both portions pretty large - to be honest, we didn't really need the sides - although they were delicious. Juicy, tasty burgers with generous toppings - Hudson's delivered. We then spent a good 15 minutes deliberating on whether we should order dessert - torn between deep fried Oreos (R25) and the Belgian Waffle (R38), the waffle won.

It took a while to arrive - and when it did, I sank a little - it looked like it had come straight from Spur. For a moment, it looked like the decision to order dessert had backfired. However, once we had our first fork full, we quickly discovered we had made the right decision - slightly chewy, light and yeasty - it was easily the best waffle either of us had ever had. Tip for newbies : lose the sides and order dessert instead. Or, like us, be a glutton and eat it all. Either way, we'll be back soon.

Note : We paid for our meal in full. All images and views are my own. All images taken with a Canon EOS 600D from


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