An Easy Weekend Breakfast

This is hardly a recipe - justsomething delicious I've discovered and want to share with you. A perfect combination of four simple ingredients, which result in a rather fantastic start to any weekend morning. Week day mornings are healthy, quick and effective - we have a power smoothie packed with yoghurt, spinach, banana, spirulina and nut butter - a great combination that keeps us full until lunch.

However, when it comes to a Saturday or Sunday morning - I want something a little more indulgent and substantial - but more interesting than plain bacon and eggs.

Take a plain croissant, slice it in half. Toast it, if you are feeling energetic. Spread generously with Fairview's  Honey Chevin (soft goat's cheese), top with crispy bacon and a poached egg. Enjoy messily and immediately, preferably in bed.

It's that simple and that delicious. Of course, feel free to add a little rocket or tomato, if you find either lying around your fridge on a Saturday morning - but the star of this show is the chevin - you can't leave this out. Creamy, tangy and a little sweet, it really does bring the whole croissant together. Try it once and you'll never not have it in your fridge. To make it even easier - croissants also freeze really well - buy a batch of 12 and you're sorted for two months.

Trust me on the goat's cheese.

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  1. Replies
    1. We've eventually perfected our egg-poaching-technique. It's taken months!

  2. That looks divine! My kind of breakfast.

  3. OMGreatness, oozie~gooey~num~num egg yolk, Schlurp! just mad me crave a decent poached egg, thanks



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