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The end of last year hit me hard. There's was an exhaustion that no amount of sleep could take away. A feeling of being overwhelmed, but without a valid reason. I'm struggled.

As if valid proof was needed of my complete uselessness, I messed up chocolate fondant. The dish I have made more than any other. The dish that got me through to the top 50 of Masterchef SA. That dish. So yes, it seems like the perfect time to introduce you to the NoMU Baking Kits.

I was devastated to miss the launch (crying into my chocolate-smeared sleeve) but the ever-lovely Paul and Tracy sent me two of their kits to try out at home - Chocolate Fondant and Vanilla Cookie.

It put me in a little bit of a position, as my blog is generally about making things from scratch - your own pastry, your own gnocchi. Now, to try something that comes from a box. Let's be honest. anything with the NoMU name on it is guaranteed to be good, box or not. So, put your prejudices aside and prepare to fall in love.

A simple stir together, pour into the ramekins provided with the kit, bake, tip out and enjoy. As you can see from the photographs, it came out perfectly. Of course it did.

Note to self : when end of year exhaustion sets in, prepare to be saved by NoMU.

Before even meeting them, I'm already lusting after the Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Cake Kits. Have visions of turning one in to lemon poppyseed cake and the other into a rich, peanut butter tower. Maybe I'll let NoMU take care of the baking this festive season, while I try and catch up on some sleep.

Note : I received two Baking Kits from NoMU. I was not asked to review them, all images and opinions are my own.



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