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Ultimate Braai Master has been making 'flames' on local TV - proudly South African, beautifully shot and showcasing gorgeous landscapes and food - what more could you want from local TV?

When Penguin Books asked me if I wanted to be involved with a blog tour of a few episodes of Ultimate Braai Master and share a recipe out of their new cook book , I had a choice of a few 'themes' - but being a country girl at heart, 'roads less traveled' was the obvious choice - look at the images a little further down to understand why.
This 'salad' is a twist on the classic Caesar - instead of croutons, it is served on a toasted loaf (which can also be grilled in the oven if a fire isn't close by). The highlight, though, is the ingenious dressing - getting the balance of flavours in the classic version can be a little tricky - not to mention the sometimes daunting thought of making your own mayonnaise. This version is quick, fool-proof and delicious. I would suggest a little garlic though...only because garlic makes almost everything better.
If you're keen to win your own copy of this book - scroll down to find out how.
To watch a little sneak peek of the episode click here - but to see why I'd quite happily live along a 'road less traveled' - look at these gorgeous images :

The One-Meal Salad
from 'Roads Less Travelled : Ultimate Braai Master'


For the dressing:
about 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise
about 3 tablespoons of smooth cream cheese
a handful of Parmesan, finely grated
a good squeeze of lemon
a pinch of coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper

For the salad:
4 or 5 rashers of bacon
1 slice of government loaf, cut lengthways, lightly brushed with olive oil
a couple of leaves of cos lettuce
about 5 anchovy fillets
about 5 caper berries
a small handful of Parmesan shavings
juice of 1 lemon

First up, make the fire, and while you’re waiting for the coals to be ready, whisk together the salad dressing. Make sure to taste it to check it’s got the right amount of seasoning. Once your coals are hot, place the bacon directly on top of the braai grid. Keep a close eye on it, and turn the rashers every so often, until crispy, then take the  bacon off. While the bacon’s sizzling away, take the slice of bread and pop it onto the same grid.

Once it’s toasted on the one side, turn it over to crisp up the other side then move it off the heat and onto a plate when it’s nice and toasty. Next take the cos lettuce and toss it in the dressing you made earlier. When all the leaves are covered,  put it on top of the giant crouton, then scatter the crispy bacon, anchovies, caper berries and Parmesan shavings over the whole lot. Squeeze over some lemon juice, drizzle with the remaining Parmesan dressing and season  with coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper. Eat immediately.
Note : All images supplied by Ultimate Braai Master


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