Citrus Ginger Ale Cocktail

This has quickly become one of our favourite cocktails. Inspired by the welcome drink at Grootbos - this is a refreshing combination of ginger ale, lime, grapefruit and orange - with a little kick of vodka or gin, as you see fit. We loved it so much, we actually had it as our wedding cocktail - thank you to the lovelies at La Mouette for making it happen.

Seeing as this cocktail had formed part of many happy occasions, we included it in our 2013 Christmas feast (you can see what we had for starters and mains here). This is more an idea than an actual recipe - feel free to change according to taste, as always.

Perfect for a scorcher of a Cape Town day, muddle your choice of lime, grapefruit and orange in the bottom of a sturdy glass, with a few mint leaves. Add a shot of vodka or gin (if using) and top with ginger ale.

Serve immediately.



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