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Among my Twitter wanderings, I was excited to come across the recently opened Little Green Box Skincare. Situated in Constantia, owned and run by Peta, they offer unique, tailor-made organic skincare solutions. A bit of a mouthful - but it effectively means that they care as much for the environment as they do for your skin.

I admit, the main drawcard was the fact that they do Esse facials - a bit of a rarity - but one that both me and my skin appreciate.  The treatments are done from Peta's home - separate, but in the heart of a leafy-lined lane. No hassling with limited parking or bustling crowds - only the gentle rustle of leaves as you arrive.

Using only organic, earth and animal friendly products, the three I noticed included Esse, Kalahari and SpaRitual - and having experienced two of them, I'll definitely be back for the third. Peta has 14 years of skincare experience behind her - on opening her own treatment room, she made the decision to only offer products and treatments that benefited both her clients and the environment. After changing into a rather comfortable toweling gown, I was ready for my Esse facial to begin. 

A little note here - I sometimes feel quite 'naked' or often, cold, during a treatment - where you are barely covered with a towel, while your face is poked and prodded. Here, there are layers of blankets - and a feather duvet - to ensure you are as warm and cosy as you need to be. Loved that.

After discussing any problem areas I may have, she used a rather nifty gadget which measured the moisture of my skin - a skin thermometer, of sorts. 

After measuring my cheeks, chin and forehead - my (lack of) morning skincare routine was evident - my skin was quite severely dehydrated. I do all the hardcore things in the evening - cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise etc - but nothing in the morning. Lesson learned. Peta suggested that I cleanse and then just use a toner in the morning, if I can't handle another routine.

My skin was cleansed, exfoliated (enzyme), given a clay and cream mask, moisturised, serumed - and generally left feeling fantastic. Something I hadn't experienced before was having my skin steamed in a facial - obviously to allow the products to penetrate better - it was a lovely touch, and one I hope to encounter more often.

After the facial, my skin's moisture was remeasured - and the numbers doubled. My skin was now in the 'adequately hydrated' range - now, to keep it there. After completing the facial, Peta asked if she could shape my eyebrows (subtle). I admit that as they're generally hidden behind my fringe I tend to ignore / forget about them. She proceeded to thread my eyebrows into shape - my first threading experience, as a self-confessed eyebrow fanatic, she finds it gives the most perfect results. Be warned - it's not the most pain-free method, but my brows did look pretty good afterwards.

I was then introduced to the Kalahari range and Calabash Foot Treatment. With products sourced from the Kalahari - and committed to empowering the local communities, I was excited to meet this range. For the treatment, you choose the scent that most appeals to you, as well as the exfoliation you would prefer - very fine, medium or quite coarse. Your feet are then cleansed, scrubbed and massaged with a small calabash (which is also your take-home gift), before being very well oiled and moisturised. The treatment focuses more on the well-being of your feet, and not so much the beauty element - but you can add a nail polish on to it.

I left feeling pampered and lovely - and now, you can too. The Little Green Box is giving a reader the chance to win a Kalahari Manicure and an eyebrow thread. To enter, simply 'like' their Facebook page, and then comment below to let me know you've entered. Please include your email address so I can contact you if you've won. 

The treatments take place in Constantia, Cape Town - if you are not from Cape Town, please keep this in mind. Competition closes Friday, 21 November.

All images taken with a Canon EOS 600D from Loot.co.za


  1. This would be lovely to win!
    Facebook page for Little Green Box liked!

  2. Wow! I need this because my eyebrows are a disaster!
    I have liked The little green box - eco skincare on Facebook (Kelley Zoë RainChild Petersen). :)
    Fingers crossed! :)

  3. Ah wow, what a lovely prize - never even knew this place existed so close to me. Looks incredible!
    Have liked their Facebook page :)
    Email is: harvey.chelsea@gmail.com
    Holding thumbs! x

  4. Oooh. This sounds so lovely. Great to hear that the products used are environmentally conscious. :) I have entered the competition too. Carengeo@gmail.com

  5. cvancuyck@gmail.com pick me please! These brows need some major work



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