Col'Cacchio's Basil McBeefy

While we are fortunate to eat a fair number of restaurants, perhaps the best invitations are those from establishments you already love. Such was the case when we were invited to try Col'Cacchio's Basil McBeefy - part of their Celebrity Chef Series. As I had already started with my Sleek Geek challenge, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to try out some of their banting-friendly dishes.

A bit about the Basil McBeefy -
Celebrity Chef Series 2014 enters its second month with a throwback to 2010 when super chef and founder of The Food Design Agency in Johannesburg, Jodi-Ann Pearton, first took part in this Col’Cacchio pizzeria gourmet charity challenge.

Her 2014 Basil McBeefy pizza is an expression of her #FoodWithaStory culinary roots. She recalls fond memories of her father, Basil, preparing slow-braised beef short ribs for the family on weekends - “the most amazing comfort food and the spark that ignited my passion for food”.

Jodi-Ann’s Basil McBeefy is the essence of soul warming food - beef short rib slow cooked in red wine, veg and herbs, mozzarella, red chilli and crispy basil leaves.

So, mains were taken care of for the lovely man - but my decision had to be made. Well, to be honest, I had stalked their menu online for a few days, so was already quite sure of what I would have - beef carpaccio to start. It seemed like such a good idea, Luke decided to jump on it as well and order one for himself too. What a surprise - I love beef carpaccio, but seldom find it served exactly how I want it - often I murmur to Luke about how it needs more seasoning or sweetness etc. But this - this was as good as it gets - and a surprise. I wasn't expecting my favourite beef carpaccio to come from, what is effectively, a chain store pizza restaurant. There you have it.

The Basil McBeefy was as good as all the Col'Cacchio pizzas - perfect base, generous, tasty toppings. Our waitress was fantastic and suggested the addition of fresh avo, which Luke was only too happy to take her up on. She also suggested the Place In The Sun Shiraz, a generous-bodied wine with red fruit, oak and savoury notes, to go with it. After initially suggesting a bottle, she conceded and brought Luke a glass - and, right on the money, it went brilliantly with this pizza.

My mains were healthier - but no less delicious. I opted for the 'build a salad' option - with baby spinach leaves, spring onion, Gorgonzola, cherry tomato, avo and bacon. It arrived in an attractive tower, with the leaves dressed perfectly, and the toppings spread evenly throughout the salad (don't you hate it when you eat the top part of the salad, and all you're left with underneath is undressed, plain leaves?) I demolished it.

Our meal was, as expected, fantastic. Tasty, generous portions - we've come to know nothing less from Col'Cacchio. Another reason why they are one of our favourite restaurants. Good job.

We enjoyed our meal as guests of Col'Cacchio. 
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