My #GUNRUN2014 Survival Kit

With the Gun Run next weekend (eek!) there are a few obvious ways you can prepare - you know, like run and improve overall fitness (thanks, SWEAT 1000). Then, there are a few things you might not quite think of - well, things I didn't think of, until my friends at Wellness Warehouse pointed them out to me.

Here are a few items that might make race day a little easier for you : 

Buchulife Joint Health
Thankfully I haven't suffered from any joint pain - but, as this will be my longest race ever, I'd like to keep it this way. These soft gel caps contains the potent antioxidants quercitin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin (bio-flavonoids), diosphenol and Vitamins A, B, and E. Also rich in Calcium and Iron, these compounds have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in chronic conditions.

GU Energy Gel
I struggle to eat before exercising or running - and I know the morning of the race, my stomach will be filled with butterflies - however, running 10km on an empty stomach is also probably not the best idea. GU Energy Gel 
is Gluten-free. Dairy-free and 20mg of caffeine - best to take one 45 minutes before the race, then another 15 minutes before it starts. 

There are so many reasons to drink coconut water - you can see how we used it in a juice here. It is particularly perfect for race day - full of electrolytes and an isotonic - will restore minerals lost from sweating. I'll keep one on hand for when we've stumbled over the finishing line. 

Then, onto the 'hard stuff' - ie things I can't eat or drink.

Promising to do everything from prevent blisters, to improve posture and spinal alignment - I am keen to give these a try! As a bonus - they are subtle and will work with any running shoes - because, on a very superficial level - I also don't want to look like a complete running nerd.

Ah, perhaps the best item in the bag! I don't have a fancy fitness tracker - so I run with Endomondo on my phone...which has then always been stuffed in the middle of my sports bra. Not the best idea, but the only one I could come up with. Until, this. A little sleeve that fits onto your arm (lower or upper arm, up to you) - it has a pouch which fits your phone perfectly, but can also house car keys or whatever else you consider to be a running essential. Genius.

'Because your back works hard enough' - this textured nylon bag is hardwearing, machine washable, water resistant and lightweight - making it perfect for carrying the 'little essentials' to gym or a race. Big enough for a towel, change of clothes - and a separate pocket for your water bottle, with smaller compartments for keys.

If you're also keen to do a 10km, I've found a great training plan here. I've decided that if I'm not seriously injured (or dead) at the end of the Gun Run, I'm going to start training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon. Running madness. It's contagious.

These items were a gift from Wellness Warehouse. I was not required to do a blog post. All images taken with a Canon EOS 600D from


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