We Love Fry's Family Vegetarian

Soon after we started the Cape Town Vegan Challenge, we discovered Fry's Family Vegetarian food. Or actually, vegan food. Yes - not only are their products non-GM, meat-free and high in protein - they are also vegan.

I had all sorts of noble ideas when we started - that we would simply eat more vegetables and not 'meat replacements'. However, I soon realised I was being plain silly.

The Fry's Guy sent us a few products to try out - we had tried and loved their braai grillers, but that's where our experimenting ended. Enter 'chicken' burgers'beef' burgers'chicken' nuggetscrispy 'prawns' and blackbean, quinoa and chia seed bites. I was a true skeptic at the start - but once we started trying out the different products, something the Cape Town Vegan Challenge said to be at the start rang true - people don't generally like the taste of meat, they like what goes with meat - the spices, the sauces and the accompaniments. For example - I may actually prefer the Fry's hot dog sausages - I think the bit I like most about a hot dog is the tomato sauce and mustard - not the actual taste of the traditional meaty sausage.

We haven't worked through all the products yet - but what we have had, we've loved. I still don't understand how they make the 'chicken' nuggets actually resemble chicken, and the 'beef'' burgers taste so good - but I'm just accepting that they are delicious, good for you and exactly what we want in our freezer. Throughout the three week challenge, a Saturday burger has become a bit of a tradition - built around a Fry's burger, topped with fried aubergine, roasted tomatoes, rocket, black mushrooms and olive tapenade - there's absolutely no way you feel as though you are 'missing out' on anything.

Meat-lovers, vegans and vegetarians alike - try this out.

Note : We received these products to try from Fry's. All images and views are my own.


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