Motherland Coffee Company | Cape Town

We were recently invited to visit Motherland Coffee Company in Cape Town - and were happy to make it part of our city exploring. Having just finished lunch at Lucky Fish and Chips, a little coffee and couching seemed like the perfect way to end the afternoon's feasting.

Firstly - this is not a coffee shop. It is large. Restaurant size, large. Naturally, the coffee is the highlight - focusing on Africa, fairtrade coffee - Motherland believes in 'potential', from the farmers to the barristas they train. Contributing to Africa, from start to finish.

While they serve a variety of wraps, sandwiches and sweet treats - we were there for the coffee. I opted for a small white hot chocolate (!) with a shot of espresso (effectively making my own white mocha) with Luke opting for a straight-up double espresso.

We reclined on a leather couch, watched the world go by and enjoyed our drinks in relaxed silence. The coffee was exceptional - with Luke being able to pin point the country of origin, just by sniffing at his espresso (I wish there was a more polite way of describing this).

Due to its size, Motherland Coffee Company find the perfect balance between coffee-shop-buzz and relaxed oasis. Grab a quick cup between meetings, or enjoy a light lunch and coffee with friends - we'll definitely be back for a more 'substantial' visit.

Note : We enjoyed our coffee with compliments of Motherland Coffee Company. All images and views are my own.


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