Jason's Bakery | Cape Town

This past Saturday we decided to explore town a little - with the first stop being the unmissable Jason Bakery. Yes, I know we're months (years?) behind, but the good news is we're no longer doughssant virgins. We've joined the cult.

Knowing that these croissant | doughnut hybrids sell out ridiculously quickly, we booked two for Saturday morning via Twitter. We arrived and quickly spotted two friendly faces in the buzzing, coffee-fueled crowd. Hip Cape Town, this is where you live.

We quickly rescued our two doughssants, booked a few other pastries to-go, ordered our coffee and grabbed a seat. When the flavour of the day was announced (ginger and lemon) I admit, I was a little disappointed. With previous flavours of creme brulee and lavender white chocolate, I was worried we'd picked the wrong Saturday to visit.

Happily wrong, we tucked in. Filled with a lemon curd cream, with a subtle hint of ginger, they were truly delightful. With the lovely man muffling 'mmm that's good' between bites, it turned out we had picked the perfect Saturday to visit. A little chewier than I expected, they were still light and flaky - and surprisingly, not too sweet. 

A quick glance and the fast-selling-out pastries made me choose two bacon | peanut butter | maple syrup croissants to take home, along with a canelle and pasteis de nata. The croissant and pasteis were great - the canelle, not quite my taste. It was the first time I'd ordered one - it has not made the cut on my 'favourite pastries' list. Our snack box did keep the munchies at bay well into Sunday.

With tables revolving quickly, and a takeaway window available for pastries and coffee on the run, it was a pretty great vibe to start our Saturday morning. Bonus : there is parking available close by.

Pastries and bread aside, they also offer 'real food' - sandwiches with pork or lamb belly, breakfasts of bacon and eggs - there is life after the doughssant - but, it's still the best place to start. 

All images and views are my own. We paid for our food in full. 


  1. Glad you finally joined the doughssant club :) See you in the Saturday morning queue!



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