34 Degrees South Review | Knysna

This was where my oyster festival began - a quick luggage drop-off at Knysna Hollow after George Airport, and minutes later we were sitting in the sunshine on the deck of 34⁰South. Arguably one of the best known restaurants in Knysna, it seemed only fitting that we started our culinary journey here. 

Naturally, with 20 oysters. 

A bottle of Van Loveren bubbly, with fresh naked oysters and sunshine made for a pretty warm welcome to the town. As we'd all been adventuring that day, we were pretty ravenous - we added the 'soet patat' foccacia to our order - with feta, mozzarella, sweet potato and jalapenos - it helped fill the gap, and honestly - I could have easily had another one, alone. This was followed by the largest salmon roses I've ever encountered and a few portions of Rainbow Rolls.

Together with a generous portion of 'table bread', 34⁰South ensured we were well fed and watered. Prices are good (considering their location and reputation), service wasn't stellar - but, let's be realistic - it was a sunny day in the middle of oyster festival.

Good food, great location and reasonable prices - three reasons why it is still on the must-visit list when in Knysna.

We enjoyed our meal as guests of 34⁰South. All images and views are my own.


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