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SodaStream. I'm sure almost every household had one in the 70's - growing up, I remember the bubbles, but also the slightly yellow machine that would stand on the kitchen counter. Fast forward 20 years, to when I was offered the opportunity to review a SodaStream Source, I was genuinely intrigued to see how it had changed from my childhood memories.

I'll get into the technicalities soon - but first, and perhaps most importantly - it's beautiful.

We received the SodaStream Source in White (it's also available in Blue, Red and Black) - sleek, elegant and beautiful enough to stand on any kitchen counter, gone are the days of yellow. Oh, there's also a penguin SodaStream Machine. I mean, what more could you need for your kitchen?

The basic system has stayed the same : pick a drinks maker, a carbonator (the bubble maker - makes between 60-130 litres, depending on the size) and your chosen syrup, and you're ready to go.

Anyone remember these?
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We tried and loved the Grapefruit and 'Energy' syrups - but have also simply been enjoying plain, sparkling water - it makes it that much easier finishing our 2L a day. Simply fizz the water (you have three levels of bubbles to choose from) then pour in your syrup, gently turning the bottle until well-mixed.

A note - it does say that you should only carbonate water - ie not add the syrup before carbonating. Now, without some serious gender stereotyping, I think this was written for a certain male member of the Bresler home. Needless to say, soon after we received it there was bubbly, sparkly drink all over the kitchen counter. Lesson learned.

It's wire-free, which means you can use it anywhere in your kitchen, beautiful and brings a little 'bubbly' to your life. A kitchen wonder.

Note : We received a SodaStream Source to review. All images, unless otherwise stated, are my own.


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