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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the inaugural Women's Lifestyle Expo in Cape Town. Held at The Lookout at The Waterfront, it was a beautiful day for a little pampering and all-things-ladylike. I discovered a few lovely vendors and want to share my favourites with you :

First, NYX Cosmetics. Due to a little make-up mishap in the car, they were my first stop - call it damage control. David Sharp was kind enough to fix my face - and in the process, introduce me to their Super Skinny Marker - a liquid eyeliner pen. Perfect for people like me who can't draw a friggin' straight line. It's very forgiving and wears quite well.

 He also introduced me to their HD Concealer - admittedly, I did look decidedly more 'awake' after he applied it under my eyes, but I have yet to make the plunge and buy it. NYX Cosmetics are available at Clicks and are at the lower-price point - the eyeliner is around R150.

Next up, food. Obviously. I was happy to bump into a few Oyster Kings - shucking and serving deliciously plump oysters as you wait. Oysters for breakfast? Why, yes.

If you're also a fan, keep an eye out - I'll be giving away a king and 100 oysters to a lucky reader in my build-up to the Pick 'n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival. A man, in a leather apron, with fresh oysters. Stop drooling and get your bubbly ready.

 A surprising discovery was Poppy Divine pyjamas. I never quite realised how...un-lovely...mine were until I saw their gorgeous, feminine range. From sleep shirts to traditional button-downs and 'lounge sets'. Considering when I get home from work I immediately hop in the shower and get into my pyjamas, I think I'll definitely get my money's worth if I work out the hours I spend in them. Gone are the days of ugly-let-no-one-see-you-in-them pjs.

Should you wish to order a set from the comfort of your seat, hop on over to Spree.

 While starting my day with a good cup of coffee is standard procedure, so is my afternoon cup of tea. From Earl Grey to Green Tea with Jasmine or White Tea and Pomegranate - I honestly love them all. Walking past Enmasse Tea Merchants and their Hot Cross Bun Chai tea leaves - I had to stop.

Gorgeously fragrant and light - easily enjoyed with no milk or sugar, you can view their range here. Some of the other favourites I've found on their site : 

Devil's Advocate
A curiously strong, full bodied ginger & chilli infusion to keep you & your immune system honest. Shake well. Caffeine free.

Half spearmint. Half peppermint. Caffeine free & fresh as a daisy.

Twilight zone
A calming infusion of camomile, lavender & valerian. Caffeine & stress free.

My current dream evening consists of a cup of Twilight zone enjoyed in my Poppy Divine pyjamas. The Women's Lifestyle Expo puts ideas in your head.

The expo was well organised and beautifully done - while there weren't hundreds of vendors, they were well-chosen - quality over quantity - and have already found a few new favourites.

Note : I was invited to attend as media. All images and views are my own.


  1. I love expos and it saddens me that CT don't pull the crowds/vendors like the one's in JHB do. It's something I have had to get used to since I've been living in CT.



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