Atkins | Creamy Mushroom & Cauliflower Soup

Hello, from the Atkins corner. Even though the world is damp this morning, I have a spring in my step. This week, for the first time in years (?) I bought a top. Not ground-breaking in itself, but the fact that this top was a size 12 was rather exciting. My legs are also starting to look a little better in my jeans - I'm a very happy camper. And, to put sprinkles on the Atkins ice-cream - someone took a photograph of me that I actually like. So much so, I'd still my neck out and say I think I look pretty.

 My weight-loss this week hasn't been stellar (1.1kg) - but it's still heading in the right direction. I'm extra committed to making sure that this week sees a bigger drop.

Uh, that's me. On the left.
With rain and lightning waking us up on this chilly Friday, what better weather for soup? It may sound like a strange combination - but earthy mushrooms and the gentle sweetness of cauliflower make for a decadent, creamy soup. If you happen to have a little truffle oil in your cupboard, now is the time to bring it out - a few drops is all you need to perfume this delicious winter soup.

I generally steam my vegetables in the microwave - after a long day at work, it's a hands-free way of getting dinner on the go, while I catch up at home. Once tender, I simply place the vegetables and some of the steaming water in the Blender, with cream and blend until my desired consistency. That's fresh, healthy soup done - from scratch - in 15 minutes.

250g mushrooms of your choice
1 medium head of cauliflower, florets removed
250ml cream
250 - 500ml water
salt and pepper to taste

1/2 tsp truffle oil (optional)

Steam and mushrooms and cauliflower until very tender - or if preferred, simmer in hot water. Place in a blender with the cream and 250ml of the water used to cook it. Blend until smooth. Check for consistency - you may need more water if you prefer your soup a little thinner. Add truffle oil, if using, and season to taste.

Naturally, soup means bread -slathered in butter, lightly toasted and perfect for dunking? Yes, you can do that too. My latest discovery is the Atkins Bread Mix - with 75% less carbs than normal loaves, it is an easy breakfast option, topped with cheese - and perfect for chilly evenings, when hands are wrapped around a warm bowl of soup. It's quite a dense, filling loaf - packed with seeds and protein, it's at its best warm or toasted.

This post is sponsored by Atkins South Africa.


  1. Looks gorgeous. Love this soup weather and the combination of mushrooms and cauliflower sounds delish :)



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