Atkins | Coconut Poached Angel Fish

 This week has been filled with a little bit of the 'sads'. Not the most joyful of times - an openly emotional eater, instead of eating my way through it with chocolate, chips and dip, I tried picking food that would actually help. This delicate fish is poached in aromatic coconut milk - flavourited with chilli, lemongrass and chilli, before being served on a pile of steamed spinach. (PS, on the plus side, 600g down this week)

I understand it sounds much too healthy to be considered delicious - but, trust me on this one. The health benefits of fish are vast - combined with fresh, nutrient-dense spinach - not only is this healthy and delicious - but you can have it done in 15 minutes, from start to finish.

I've made this poached angelfish before, but the photograph was...less than appetizing. Again, here, it doesn't look spectacular- but it is one of my favourite ways to eat the fish. Listed Green on the SASSI Sustainability ratings, it's a great choice and very cost effective. Happy eating all round. Also, gluten and dairy free - bonus.

2 Angelfish fillets
125ml coconut milk or cream
2 drops fish sauce
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes
1 stalk lemongrass, bruised
small handful fresh coriander
fresh lime, to serve

Place a deep frying pan on a medium high heat, add the coconut milk, fish sauce, chilli flakes, lemongrass and coriander. Allow to come to a simmer. Gently lie the angelfish in the coconut milk and allow to simmer for approximately 2 minutes, before gently turning over. Cook for a further 1-2 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through. During this time the sauce would have reduced slightly - add a little extra coconut milk or water if it is reducing too quickly. Taste, add lime juice and serve. 

My Atkins discovery of the week? These Advantage Shakes - I already have a favourite in the form of the Cappuccino Shake - left in the fridge until very well chilled, it makes for an instant meal-on-the-go or a snack when the afternoon slump hits. A little ready-made iced coffee wherever you go. Now, to win your own?

I'm giving away an Atkins Starter Kit - worth R350 - to a lucky reader. Keen to see what I've been on about and try it yourself? You could win :
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This post is sponsored by Atkins South Africa.


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