Jeremy Loops at Kirstenbosch #loopsbosch

Let's start with the bad news first - I've never really been into South African music. Call it prejudice or unpatriotic, but it's just never made my heart beat a little faster. The good news? All that is changing - and fast. Headlining the movement of SA music into my heart and feet is Jeremy Loops. We attended our first Kirstenbosch Sunset Concert this past Sunday to see good ol' Jeremy in action - and were emphatically, blown away. If this is where our music is going, we are in good hands.


This was no mere concert -it was also the official launch of his album, . He's been around on iTunes for a while - debuting at number 1, no less. A self-described 'modern folk artist' , live he performs with a loop pedal, layering tunes - a one man band. Knowing two of his songs from radio play, I knew it would be good, but flip - he was phenomenal. Killed it.

Sing-along, foot stomping, a little bouncin' to the beat - we did it all - between constant looks of disbelief at how good he was. Perhaps we were the only two in the audience who didn't know what to expect. Oh, and don't think it's an entirely one-man-show - his saxophonist Jamie Faull is brilliant. Ever thought the sax was a boring instrument live? (Please say 'no' - otherwise you'd be horribly wrong). Just, brilliant. All round, everything.

Note : We were invited to this concert as guests of Sheer Sound.


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