Esse : Gel Cleanser and Refining Cleanser

I've been a fan of Esse for almost a year -  I've never had a problem with using chemicals and 'non-natural' ingredients - I've never had fantastic skin, and if I found something that worked, well then, it worked.

I was treated to an Esse facial a few days before our wedding and it completely changed the way I thought about natural and organic products. This was my first experience with Esse and admittedly, I was a little hesitant that these products could produce the same results as 'chemical' skincare. I was wrong. My skin was smooth, glowing and generally filled with all the goodness of the world.

Having never had fantastic skin, you can understand how excited I am to find a skincare range that actually works. Yes, it's produced locally, it's organic, it helps the local community, is not ridiculously expensive and feels like an absolute treat. But all of this would be meaningless if the products didn't actually work.

Using proudly African ingredients - Baobab, Marula and Kalahari Melon - their range is perfect for skin faced with our sometimes harsh climate, while still taking care of specific skin concerns : oiliness, dryness or aging skin.
Having used their Gel Cleanser for almost a year, it has easily become my favourite product. Except, now Esse have downright confused me with the launch of their new Refining Cleanser- a lightly foaming clay-based cleanser which is effective enough to remove even waterproof mascara - it deep cleanses while maintaining the ph balance of your skin. Providing the same Peppermint and Spearmint oils as the Gel Cleanser, to refresh and improve micro-circulation, I admit, I'm a little in love. 
 While their exfoliators provide a thorough scrub, the Refining Cleanser gives your skin the perfect 'polish' between treatments. It has a fresh, citrus scent - and is also suitable for male skins (it has been husband tested and received the thumbs up).

 I feel like a traitor, cheating on my first love. But I'm a Refining Cleanser girl from here on out.

You can order Esse online here.

Note : All images and opinions are my own. I am a brand ambassador for Esse, which allows me complementary use of their products.


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