Shin Thai in Fish Hoek

The lovely man lived in the (sleepy) seaside village of Fish Hoek. This is about a 30 minute drive from where I live, so sometimes I like to joke that our relationship should qualify as long distance. Much of our relationship meant I generally end up in the village on a Sunday afternoon, and spend a little time with the lovely man's family, and hopefully catching some sea air before the new week starts.

It was through the lovely man's family that I discovered the institution that is Shin Thai Asian eatery, on Beach Road.
Shin Thai is owned by the very friendly Lisa - from your second time ordering, you are greeted like an old friend, rather than a customer. This all-Asian eatery serves Chinese and Thai dishes, and also has a sushi menu, so whatever your craving, they will be able to satisfy it. I problem I have found with a few Asian eateries, is that most dishes taste quite similar, with very few differences flavour wise. Not so here - when four of us visited them for dinner, we were greeted by four completely different, but equally delicious dishes (my favourite is still the Cashew Chicken).
Shin Thai runs a fantastic lunch time special - R59 for three courses! So when the lovely man found ourselves in the cloudy village this past Sunday, it seemed like the perfect way to spend some time away from the drizzle outside. We both had the Tom Kha Chicken Soup to start - a delicious coconut based Thai soup, infused with lemongrass, and filled with mushrooms and chicken, topped with a drizzle of chilli oil and chopped coriander. This soup is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and hot - I've tried to recreate it at home...and failed. 
For mains, we both had the favourite Cashew Chicken - I had mine with rice, and the lovely man had his with noodles (he normally has the Cha Cha Curry - a delicious twist on a Thai Green Curry). Chicken pieces are fried in a light batter, then tossed with sprouts, spring onion, carrots and a generous helping of cashew nuts. The sauce is sweet, sticky and simply delicious. Portions are large, and given enough willpower the lovely man likes to take whatever he can spare home, and eat it cold. It's strange, but I love him regardless.
The lovely man ordered the bowtie (for the first time, I believe) and he enjoyed it  -although he is used to having it really drenched in syrup - this just came with a drizzle on top.
For dessert, I had the deep fried bananas, which come with a sweet caramel syrup, ice cream, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I'd had this there before, and loved it just as much. The bananas are coated in a thin, crispy shell of batter, and warm and soft inside. Perfect with the ice cream, and a lovely sweet ending to a fantastic meal! The drizzle had stopped so we decided to try and walk off a little of our lunch along the beach (I was more inclined to roll into the car, but this was happy weather for the lovely man, so he wanted to make the most of it).
To the right of Fish Hoek beach, there is a lovely catwalk, called Jagger's Walk, which winds all along the rocks, right on the edge of the coast. Memorial benches dot the way, for walkers to sit and enjoy the view. As you can see, some people think Fish Hoek is just fabulous.

      So we had a little wander, got some wind in our hair, and fresh air in our lungs...until we just couldn't anymore, and our lunch dictated that we find somewhere to rest and peacefully digest.

If you ever find yourself in the sleepy village, Shin Thai should definitely be a stop on your drive. They are on Beach Road, and their number is 021 782 3406. I have not been paid in anyway for this review - it's a restaurant I love, and I wanted to share that with you.


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