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"Trendy" is not a word that I would use to describe myself, but was a word I was encouraged to embrace when I found myself at the recently launched Shimmy Beach Club for our end of year staff function. With the options of arriving by car, helicopter or boat (yes, really) it was certainly going to be different - and I tried to keep my expectations low - with such a gorgeous location, I (wrongly) assumed that they wouldn't feel the need to impress in any other area.

You are welcomed by walls of glass, uninterrupted sea views and streams of natural light - when you have such an amazing location, you need to make the most of it. The interior is decorated in shades of grey and ivory, with natural wood tables - while all furniture on the outside deck is a brilliant white. 

 There were 20 of us at our table, and we all shared the dishes family style - and served ourselves from platters on the table. To start, we had the chopped salad - rocket, olives, feta, carrots, avocado, tomatoes and even a few marinated artichokes. Lovely, perfectly dressed - and a great start to the meal.

 As part of our starters, we also shared pizzas - served on rectangular shopping boards - the bases were crispy (erring on the side of a little too crispy at times), the toppings fresh and generous. We had one with parma ham and another with chicken -both went down with rave reviews.

Onto mains - the table shared platters of linefish and steak - although, I only ate from the fish. Served with Asian flavours - a little soy, chilli, spring onion and garlic, it was unashamedly delicious. Moist and falling apart in generous flakes, there couldn't have been a more appropriate dish for a summer' afternoon in Cape Town.
There was a variety of side dishes to choose from - but most notably for me - the best sweet potato chips I have ever eaten. With a crunchy, light tempura-like coating, they were phenomenal and I could have easily eaten a plate for lunch, as is.
The creamed spinach was also a pleasant surprise, and I found myself returning for more than I would have expected. Luke always says you can judge a restaurant's food on their table vegetables - most don't put in any effort - but at Shimmy's, they are little gems of their own.

There is also a separate sushi menu - so if that's where your craving's lead  you - here's a little taster below of what's on offer...

 To end our rather sumptuous and leisurely lunch, we enjoyed a fresh fruit platter - served on ice - with a few caramel lollies scattered between. Throughout the lunch, I found myself constantly being surprised at how good the food was. Not average, not enough considering the views, but really stand-out-and-talk-about-it-afterwards great. Yes, there's music, short skirts, a number of bars and pretty people - but that's not what will ever draw me to Shimmy's. The food is reasonably priced and fantastic, and I am looking forward to going back with my lovely man (that is, if I can get a table and push through the hoards of celebrities and pretty people!)


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