Cape Town Red Bus Tour

After seeing the Red buses floating around Cape Town for months, we decided to make an event of it and book a tour for our mini-anniversary celebrations (more here and here). The thought seeing Cape Town from a different angle - and also being able to focus on the scenery instead of concentrating on driving, was a very appealing draw card.

Add to it the perfect sunny Sunday and the promise of a sushi lunch to follow - it was the perfect way to celebrate. With the sun shining brightly above, we made our way down to the Waterfront stop to get our tickets (booking in advance is recommended) and supplies - the kiosk is very well equipped with water, snacks and sunscreen : trust me, if you are sitting on the top of the bus, you will need the sunscreen.

We 'hopped on' and embarked on our adventure. We didn't hop off at any of the stops, simply enjoying the scenery from the top. We are planning at least two more trips - one with more hopping, and then the City Tour (through central Cape Town). You are given head phones which plug into the bus and offer interesting and informative commentary as you meander around the city - you are not too cool for head phones - we learned so much as we drove along.
I don't want to ruin all the different stops and points of interest for you - you can look at the broad routes here. As a Capetonian it was a wonderful way to experience our own city. Given the height advantage of the bus, the audio commentary and the fact that you don't have to drive-  you can truly appreciate our beautiful city, without any distractions. 

I was honestly, a little blown-away. This is not just something for tourists - no accent needed to board. The entire operation is organised, well-run and professional - the Cape Town Red Bus is an asset to our city. You owe it to yourself to try it.

You can find out ticket prices here.

Note : We received two tickets for the Cape Town Red Bus in exchange for an honest review of the experience. All images and opinions are my own.


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