Cape Point Vineyards Wine Tasting

Last weekend the lovely man and I decided to venture out of our Constantia Valley winetasting adventure, and try something a little coastal - we ended up at Cape Point Vineyards, just past Noordhoek. If you haven't seen the actual Cape Point label in the shops, you would have seen their Splattered Toad range in Pick 'n Pay. They have a few tasting options (either per glass, the normal, or premium tasting options). Luke went for the premium (I was on driving duty), but portions were quite generous, so I stole a sip or two from everything. The highlight was the cheese platter, but we'll get to that in a moment....

There were 6 wines in the premium tasting, and they were quite nice actually. I had never really heard of the farm before, but have since done some research, and they have received the most Platter 5 Stars for their wines in the past five years, in the country. Pretty impressive. I came away with a respect for the Splattered Toad range (admitting to being a bit of a snob, the name and design of the logo has always put me off, but it's what's inside the bottle that counts, I learned).
  Now onto the cheese platter. We ordered the option without charcuterie, and I did cough a little at the price (R125, if I remember correctly) but it was very much worth it. It was more than enough for two people (so much so - we had it at 12h30, and didn't eat again for the rest of the day!). It had 6 cheese, including a creamy goat's cheese, tangy blue, and a whole wheel of camembert, as well as chilli jam, honeyed nuts, fresh fruit, crackers and bread.
 It is a bit pricey for a tasting, but I would definitely recommend it  - I think it is something you would only do once, and the cheese platter would be enough for 4 people (instead of 2 very greedy cheese loving people!)


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